Thank you visiting our JOB OPENINGS BOARD. We hope you will visit this page whenever you are in need of work or will tell someone you know,who is looking for a job! We are also happy to say, that we would love to post any  FIRE OR SAFETY RELATED job for any other business that might be looking for staff members. We want to keep our community growing by helping others get employed. Most job postings will remain on this page until job position has been filled. All job applicants are subject to a background and driver license check, as well as a drug testing exam.  All candidates will be required take a 40 hour course at Florida State Fire College and pass the state exam.

All potential job applicants should submit a current resume, stating job interested and any special qualifications or certifications possess which relate to the position applying for. Submit all resumes to: Dan@atozfire.comPlease make attention to:  HR manager

Full Time:

Position Qualifications Starting Pay
Sales representative 3 Years experience required – Must have dependable transportation- Gas allowance available. $600 per week + 10% commission