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Did you know that under NFPA 1 and local fire codes; that all business’s are required to have a fire extinguisher?  Fire extinguishers are the first step to putting out a fire. If  you are running any type of business, you should  know that you are required to have adequate fire extinguishers and that each fire extinguisher will need to be inspected annually.

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HELPFULL TIP: Do not buy a fire extinguisher that has a gauge on it that states……. “Discard after use”. These type of fire extinguishers are non refillable and increase your maintenace cost.


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Services required for all Fire Extinguishers:

  •            * Annual inspection of fire extinguisher: Every 12 months fire extinguisher needs to be physically inspected by a
  •               a trained and licensed professional. Fire extinguisher shall be inspected for corrosion, dents, legible information on
  •               manufacturers label, proper weight and proper pressure and then wiped down completely. Fire Extinguisher hose
  •               should be removed from shell and blown out to ensure there is no blockage in hose. A certification tag will then
  •               be affixed to Fire extinguisher which will sate the Company’s name & contact info, technicians name, permit and
  •               license number. The type of service performed and the month and year service was performed must be punched out.

Certification tag is good for 1 year from date that tag was punched out.

*  6yr maintenance/ Recharge: Every 6 years from manufacturers date or from the last recharge that was                          performed, each fire extinguisher must be torn down and rebuilt to meet manufacturers requirements. Once service has been performed, a neck collar would be placed below the handle stating the service performed and the service company that provided said service. The month and year must be punched out of neck collar. On the back side of fire extinguisher, service company must provide a decal that if removed will say “VOID”. Decal must have service company’s information and must have the month and the year service was performed.  Fire Extinguisher is now good for another 6 years or until fire extinguisher has been discharged, in a fire or is required for a hydrotest.

12yr maintenance/ Hydrotesting: Every 12 years from manufacturers date; or from the last hydrotest date serviced, all fire extinguishers must be tested to manufacturers specs to ensure the safety and the integrity of the shell. Fire extinguisher will be torned down completely and will have inside of shell inspected for corrosion. Shell will then be filled with water and placed on hydrotest machine which will then place fire extinguisher under pressure required by manufacturers requirements. Usually it is 3x the normal pressure allowed  for said shell. If shell does not expand or burst, shell will then be dry out, refilled and pressurized per manufacturers requirements. Service techinician will then place said decals showing that service was performed on said shell. We usually reccommend that fire extinguishers be replaced when unit reaches this point. In most cases it is more cost effective.

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